Comedian, Actor, Writer, Educator

Hello. I am Nikk Tetreault (Pronounced TAY-trOH).


Over the last 7 years I have lived and performed in many places from Boston to Pennsylvania to New York to Italy to Chicago. I am an alumni of The Second City Conservatory and Music Program, the Annoyance Theatre improv program, and the ImprovBoston improv program. With the current global pandemic, I have decided to make like the Dropkick Murphys and ship up to Boston to ride this out with my family and loved ones. However, I will totally relocate for the right job - please hire me. In the meantime I am working on my writing, performing remotely, and teaching online.

Cool things I did before this that would be in a typical bio:

I have written and performed two one woman shows including Please Attend (2020) performed in the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival and Please Laugh (2018). In 2014 I founded On the Fence Players, a summer theatre in my home town, where I also worked as a producer from 2014-2018. I hold a bachelors degree in Comedy Arts and Theatre from Muhlenberg College. I completed the Physical Theatre Program at Accademia dell'Arte and the Comedy Studies program at Second City.

I like making raviolis from scratch and live tweeting while I rewatch shows from the early 2000's.

For booking inquiries visit my Contact page.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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